Student Publication Awards

2 Student Publication Awards this 2024 honoring Abe Padilla and sheldon clyde jagoon

Dr. Sabino "Abe" Padilla was an active anthropologist and academic who worked tirelessly fighting for human rights. He worked with archaeologists in the Mindoro Project before he passed away in 2013. More info about Abe can be found in the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Website.

Sheldon Clyde Jagoon was a co-founder of KAPI, a devoted archaeologist who worked on studying stone tools in Tabon Caves Complex. He was also a skilled maritime archaeologist and trained the next generation of maritime archaeologist as a mentor in the University of the Philippines Diliman School of Archaeology right up until he passed away in 2021.

This reward honors the contribution of our two prestigious friends of KAPI who contributed their knowledge to Philippine archaeology. We call for students who have published their works to apply for this award. The criteria includes assessing originality and the subject's contribution to the discipline of archaeology.

Eligibility for the award includes:

The application must be submitted by emailing the following to KAPI Official Email:

Deadline for submission is on 26 July 2024 at 12mn. Results will be announced three months after the application.

The grant is for 10,000 PHP for each awardee.