Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists
Guide for Authors

We welcome manuscripts in English or Filipino.
Please follow the guidelines below when preparing your manuscript. 
Manuscripts in Filipino require both a Filipino and English abstract.
English manuscripts follow American spelling standards.

Structure. Manuscripts should be structured as follows:

Article title
Authors' names, affiliations and contact details of the first or corresponding author
Abstract (250 words max, 350 words max if in Filipino)
Acknowledgements (optional)
Figure captions
Tables and table title/descriptions

Authors may use as many subheadings as they wish provided the levels of the sections are clarified, but we suggest the following format.

Sub-heading 1 - Serif 14 font, bold
Sub-heading 2 - Serif 14 font, bold, italic
Sub-heading 3 - Serif 14 font, italic
Sub-heading 4 - Serif 12 font, bold
Sub-heading 5 - Serif 12 font, bold, italic
Sub-heading 6 - Serif 12 font, italic

Font and line spacing. Text should be prepared in 1.5-line-spacing. Use 12 font Times New Roman, Constantia, or any serif font for the main body or text.

Footnotes. The use of footnotes is discouraged in manuscripts.

Word limit. 8000 words, 12000 words if manuscript is in Filipino. The word limit includes all text, acknowledgements, references, tables and all figure and table captions. Any submission which substantially exceeds the published word limit may be returned to the author(s).

Manuscript file formats. Please submit your manuscript as .doc or .docx. Do not embed figures in the text. Submit figures as separate files using author and figure numbers as file names (e.g. Fox Figure 1, Fox Figure 2, etc.). Accepted figure formats for manuscripts are .eps, .svg, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif and .tiff.

Publication image specifications. Resolutions must be at least 300 dpi and image dimensions should be either half-page width (90 mm) or full-page width (180 mm). The maximum acceptable height is 254 mm. Maps and plans must include an accurate scale and north point.

References in the text. We prefer the non-usage of passimop. citibid. 

Example text citations:

Type of reference Text citation Note
Single author (Fox 1970:10)
Two author in Filipino: (Jocano at Evangelista 1981:10)
Three or more author (Casino et al. 1962:25
More than one work by same author (Fox 1965, 1970
More than one work by same author and same year (Solheim 1983a, 1983b
More than one work by different author (Ronquillo 1983; Dizon 2009 In date order
More than one work by one author and different author (Burton 1983, 2009; Santiago 2009 In date order
Personal communication (Zeus Salazar pers. comm. 23 Dec 2010 in Filipino: (Zeus Salazar pers. kom. 23 Dec 2010) should not appear in the reference list

Please ensure that all references cited in the text are included in the bibliography.

Page numbers should be cited wherever possible.

References in the bibliography

Full references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper, then by year, if listing works by the same author. If there are more than one work by the same author in the same year, then the year should beappended by letters accordingly (e.g., Tenazas 1968a, 1968b). For detailed guidance please see the example references below (Please email the editor/s should you find inconsistencies)

References in Filipino will follow the general formats provided here but will translate into Filipino articles and information in the metadata. For example, 

Jocano FL at Evangelista A (1981). Excavations in Philippine Prehistory (A Sourcebook). Lungsod ng Quezon: Asian Study Center.

Solheim WG II (1981). Philippine prehistory. Sa Casal FG, Trota RJ, Casino ES, Ellis GR at Solheim WG II (mga ed.) The People and Art of the Philippines: 17-83. Los Angeles: Unibersidad ng California, Los Angeles.

Tenazas RC (1977). A Comparative study of settlement patterns and socio-religious structures in three prehistoric Iron Age communities in the Philippines. Disertasyon sa PhD, Unibersidad ng San Carlos.

Use the minimum forms of page numbers, i.e., the shortest way one could state the figures: 23-24, 13-14, 115-16, 200-201.

Please ensure that all references listed in the bibliography are cited in the text. 

Example of references:

Type of Reference Text citation Reference format Notes
Book (Fox 1970) Fox R (1970). The Tabon Caves: Archaeological explorations and excavations on Palawan Island, Philippines. Manila: National Museum.
(Jocano andEvangelista 1981) Jocano FL and Evangelista A (1981). Excavations in Philippine Prehistory (A Sourcebook). Quezon City: The Asian Study Center.
(Casino et al. 1962) Casino ES, Ellis GR, Solheim WG II, Casal G and Jose RT (1962). People and Art of the Philippines. Los Angeles: Museum of Cultural History, University of California.
Book with volume number (Blair andRobertson 1903) Blair EH and Robertson JA (1903). The Philippine Islands 1493-1898, Vol. 5. Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company.
Journal Paper (Evangelista 1961) Evangelista A (1961). Philippines (Regional report).Asian Perspectives 5: 67-70.
(Beyer 1947) Beyer HO (1947). Outline Review of Philippine Archaeology by Islands and Provinces. The Philippine Journal of Science 17 (3-4): 205-390.
(Bautista 1995) Bautista AP (1995). Fossil remains of Rhinoceros from the Philippines. National Museum Papers 5: 1-15.
Chapter by another author in a book (Solheim 1965) Solheim WG II (1965). The functions of pottery in Southeast Asia: from the present to the past. In Matson FR (ed.) Ceramics and Man: 254-73. New York: Wenner-Gren Foundation.
(Solheim 1981) Solheim WG II (1981). Philippine prehistory. In Casal FG, Trota RJ, Casino ES, Ellis GR and Solheim WG II (eds.) The People and Art of the Philippines: 17-83. Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles.
Edited collection (Majid 2005) Majid Z (ed) (2005). The Perak man and other prehistoric skeletons of Malaysia. Pulau Pinang: Universiti Sains Malaysia Co-operative Bookshop.
Book in a numbered series (Peralta 1981) Peralta JT (1981). Field Manual in Archaeology(Anthropology Papers 1). Manila: National Museum. Note no 'no.' is included in the series title
Unpublished dissertation (Peralta 1973) Peralta J (1973). The Petroglyphs of the Angono Rockshelter, Rizal, Philippines. MA thesis, University of the Philippines, Diliman. Title is not in italics as it is unpublished
(Tenazas 1977) Tenazas RC (1977). A Comparative study of settlement patterns and socio-religious structures in three prehistoric Iron Age communities in the Philippines. PhD dissertation, University of San Carlos.
Unpublished report (Evangelista 1966) Evangelista AE (1966). Report on an archaeological expedition to the island of Banton, Romblon, Philippines. Manuscript prepared for the National Museum of the Philippines, Manila. Title is not in italics as it is unpublished; may use Report instead of Manuscript
Published conference paper (Solheim 1974) Solheim WG II (1974). The Hoabinhian and island Southeast Asia. In Tantoco RB (ed.) Proceedings of the First Regional Seminar on Southeast Asian Prehistory and Archaeology, 26 June - 4 July 1972, Manila: 19-26. Manila: National Museum of the Philippines. include place and date of event only if these are part of the title of the proceedings
(Marliac and Simanjuntak 1998) Marliac A and Simanjuntak T (1998). Preliminary report on the site of Song Gentong, Kabupaten Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia. In Southeast Asian Archaeology Proceedings 6th International Conference, European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists 1996: 47-60.
Unpublished conference paer (Briones 1972) Briones S (1972). The burial sites of Salansang, Salaman, Lebak, Southern Cotabato, Philippines. Paper presented at the Seminar on Southeast Asian Archaeology and Prehistory, Manila, 26 June - 3 July 1972.
in Filipino (Salazar 1982) Salazar ZA (1982). Ang Kamalayan at Kaluluwa: Isang Paglilinaw ng Ilang Konsepto sa Kinagisnang Sikolohiya. In Pe-Pua R (ed.) Sikolohiyang Pilipino: Teorya, Metodo at Gamit: 83-92. Quezon City: Surian ng Sikolohiyang Pilipino.
Later translations (Chirino 1604trans. 1903) Chirino P (1604 trans. 1903). Relation of the Filipinas Islands. Translated in Blair EH and Robertson JA (eds.)The Philippine Islands 1493-1898, Vol. 12: 169-321. Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company. Place and publisher of the translated version